Plans for the weekend?

Putting my new ground anchor into the floor in the side passage so I can lock my bike up outside of the shed ready for commuting again asap :smile:. That and filming my four year old daughter playing an angel in some kind of Greek nativity play.


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Quiet night in tonight - but that is an excuse to cook something elaborate and time-consuming. :biggrin: Tomorrow I'll be out on the MTB in the morning. Then in the afternoon I'll be having some axe and chainsaw fun in the garden (not a psychopathic rampage but cutting up wood). Then I'm going clubbing 'til very late so I suspect Sunday will be a bit of a write-off. :smile:


Very lazy, and it's the company annual do on saturday - all drinks free. Last year the Works Manager was 'asleep' by 10, no staying power. This year fancy dress is optional, so me and Mrs C are going as the miserable gits who wouldn't dress up.


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I'm thinking of going to the Manchester art gallery on Saturday, as I haven't explored it as yet. I'm doing some writing, as I'm hoping to join a writer's workshop on Tuesday nights, so need something to get into enough shape that it can be torn apart by some contemporaries.
Then dinner party on Saturday night with a couple of friends, at which I'll watch some comedy and drink some drinks. Sunday I am not going on the club run, as I can't be bothered, but shall perhaps be in the library.
A deeply boring weekend in all, then.


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work for me in ther morning:sad:. Putting the xmas tree and deccies up in the afternoon:smile:. Sunday out on the bike for a nice ride in the cold, crisp frosty air:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


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was meant to be at work's do tonight (free food, booze, entertainment, cab home) but have got a horrible cough and i feel shite to boot (not helped, i imagine, by my commute today). so i'm sat here in front of the mac posting on this forum and loading the ipod i'm getting for christmas. :smile:


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Going to get my new bike :smile:
So i have got the stuff i want to put on from my old bike ready to go on the new one.


One of my mates fly in from Australia today :smile: He is staying with his parents tonight then travelling up tomorrow for 2 days of beer. Then he leaves again. :biggrin:

I ain't seen him since July 2006 (we met up for 2 nights then as well) and I imagine I shall have as little recollection of events this time as I do from then :smile: I have taken Monday off work.
Tomorrow, I'm going to present an invoice for a job I did last year at this time (don't ask!:smile: ) and Sunday I might try for a gentle roll around Richmond Park and see the trees in a different way, before jousting with the inevitable shopping people in their massive vehicles, negotiating the swampy rutted tracks of Richmond town centre :biggrin:


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Tomorrow I'm going on an mtb ride in the peaks then on sunday I'm doing a track taster at the velodrome and then heading out for a curry.


Saturday I have an early start with a training course I've arranged. People better turn up or heads will roll! Then it is the Xmas party. Free dinner and subsidised bar (£1 a drink). Can't wait. Because I don't drink anymore as a matter of preference, I can get pissed really easy. Last year I was wasted after about £3, and spend the evening dancing like a muppet, was great fun.
Sunday I intend on staying in bed for as long as possible.


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Just started a short story, can't think of a name for it, but, a bit like Brief Encounter (what a film), it is about a doomed relationship that happens on a train journey. Quite happy with it so far: just realised that the writer's group are actual published writers, which whilst useful, is very scary indeed. So, got to really polish some of my work, luckily I have a couple of published pieces that I can fall back on as an intro to my work.
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