Plans for the weekend?


ComedyPilot said:
Wish her all the best. :thumbsup:
Thanks CP, I shall do that. ;)

It's quite nice to see a surly teenager excited about something...the only time I can be guaranteed a decent conversation with her (which does not consisit of grunts) is on a Saturday lunchtime and Tuesday evening after she has been at track cycling - I'll have to see if she can go more often. :smile:


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South Manchester
Helping out at the annual plant sale at Scouts. Sold £1600 of plants today, and need to get over £2000 to be in profit - still lots of stock for tomorrow. Off back to the 'hut' shortly for a BBQ for all the helpers....:wacko: Got beers earlier and they are in the fridge at the hut - left a mate guarding them....although he may have started sampling them by the time I get there.


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I did a stroll up one of the local hills to Heptonstall village this afternoon.

I was supposed to be doing a 75 mile hilly ride out to Emley Moor TV mast & back but colly has had to pull out due to illness and nobody else has said they are coming so I will probably end up doing a different ride by myself (I did the Emley Moor route last weekend so I might as well go somewhere different if it is a solo ride).


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gbb said:
Work today Sunday :biggrin::wacko:
Lifes a bitch...;) Sundays my carboot day, thats blown that one then.
Same here gbb,rare bit of overtime to supplement my cycle related spending,might even go on the bike tomorrow to burn off the meaty pizza I've just eaten:biggrin: usually take the car if I do work weekend.


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
Hic..........just back from the BBQ at Scouts for the 'Plant Sale Helpers'...... I'm back tomorrow to help out....looks like my son is getting a 'special' badge for the work he's done today... nice one.........
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