Playmobil Injured Cyclist Playsets

It must be a quiet day in Twitterland


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Costa Clyde.
I'm going to write to my MP.....the doc is far too hot for a kids play set.
I wonder what she is saying here, as she leaves her colleague to struggle with the stretcher by himself. Perhaps "Hans, you nobber. You've gone and reversed over that blokes bike ffs!". ( It's Hans because the ambulance is left hand drive btw).



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I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, but it does seem a bit of an unfortunate design choice!

Perhaps the next version will feature victims of terrorist shootings ... :whistle:

Dave Davenport

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My kids loved playmobll when they were little, we got rid of it years ago except for the hooded executioner figure (complete with axe) from a knights and castles set which I had a soft spot for.
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