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Would you commute on a fixie without brakes through London?

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I was thinking about this when a group of fixies that I allowed past through some dense bushes (council are cutting them down ATM) all had brakes. I was thinking about a video where a fixie was using their shoe to brake when going down hill, and numerous videos of fixies locking the rear wheel to perform a skid intentially.


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How about the "no, because it's illegal" option? :thumbsup:


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I don't get your poll. I see many fixie riders commuting in London everyday.
Why choose London and not any other city?
It's no problem. London is a very safe city to cycle in.
Why are you making out that cycling fixed in London is dangerous when it clearly isn't?

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At my speed using brakes is redundant. My gears I'm to lazy to change. Does that make me a fearless fixie commuter? :biggrin:



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If you can leg brake efficiently enough that you can stop when you need to. Then it wouldn't be hard, I see many people who do it each week.

I've ridden fixed in London, and felt a front brake was required and a rear brake was very useful.
I think I might ride in London with only a front brake. Might.... Maybe....

I see loads of people do it, but they look less at ease than I feel with my 2 brakes.

I take my ficksopholous fixed-gear fixie into the Malvern Hills and out around the Beacons.

On those roads, I would not even think of going without two brakes.


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I wouldn't commute on anything, anywhere without brakes. It's f*cking madness to do that.

I always thought that with a true fixed wheel the locking rear counted (Legally) as a braking system
Bikes (both motorised and pedal powered) need 2 separate braking systems - that's why you can't have 1 lever operating both brakes.
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