Pontefract cycling club


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Don't think so - Knottingley Velo is probably the biggest one near you, along with South Emsall and BBM Revolution.

Otherwise you're looking my way, with Calder Clarion / Wakefield CC


Eh up
There is still people posting on their Strava page, I know quite a few left and joined Knottingley Velo, you might be able to leave a message on Strava.

The Facebook group is a closed group and still active by the looks of things with 19 new posts in the last month.



I live in Pontefract and have been a member of Featherstone Road Club and Knottingley Velo,

I don't know what Fev do nowadays but I think they are all probably do the quicker more serious type of runs

Knottingley have a wide spectrum of riders, they cater for all types of cyclist.

BBM also cater for all.

The active South Elmsall riders I know are all pretty quick but the may have different groups, not sure.
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