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Mrs M

Oscar was reunited with his squeaky pig at our neighbours house today.
Wee treat after the ordeal of last nights walkies.
Headed off onto the moss then came head to head with a herd of cows :ohmy: very close to our street!
Lead clipped on then legged it in the opposite direction home! Reported it.
Went out again over an hour later and met the farmers wife who was searching for them.
Thankfully they’d been rounded up over the other side and escorted back to their field after a wee wander 🤣
Met our friend and his dog, he’d alerted the farmer and helped get them back home.
Told the 13 escapees we’re all hand reared and quite tame and approachable, think they enjoyed their adventure but left hoof prints everywhere. They just looked huge so took no chances :okay:
not even for a pic!


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Here are a few of my lovely boys having their breakfast.



When I was looking to get the fish I was tempted to buy some big ones for £100 or more each but in the end went for tiddlers for a fiver. Two years on my tiddlers are bigger than the £100 ones and are nearly a foot long.
This is Buffy a family pet and rescue cat from Aberdeen. Only partly mine and obviously computer literate.View attachment 599129
Happy purrday, Buffy xxx
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