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Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by furball, 7 Jan 2018.

  1. Brandane

    Brandane Fair weather cyclist.

    [QUOTE 5109563, member: 259"]Brandane's after an even cheaper long distance option like you get in a
    France, which are great for motorway and touring slogs.[/QUOTE]
    That's about the sum of it - but they are also more widely available in France so you can usually go touring "on spec". Not the case in the UK - I wouldn't take a chance on being able to find a reasonably priced place to stay in the UK when you only start looking in the late afternoon!
  2. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    @Littgull got stung like that last year when riding back oop north on his new touring bike!
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  3. subaqua

    subaqua What’s the point


    The Etap and the formule 1 in Barking were used for “ sleeping” by the hour ... not all the rooms but several ... I had a few friends who used it when visiting excel and were horrified ...
  4. Ticktockmy

    Ticktockmy Veteran

    Some years now since they binned the Jobs, and no need for the Sheet sleeping bags these days. More like a hotel with small rooms for just a few people. Some even have a bar. And few and far apart now. Some how a few old ones have clung onkile Tanners hatch etc
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  5. PaulSB

    PaulSB Guru

    Having spent too many nights in both Premier Inn and Travelodge I avoid them like the plague. I never found either to be especially comfortable or to give me a good night’s sleep. As for the food? Over priced, usually over cooked and very limited in choice.

    Saying that when we went Travelodge Bethnal Green for Ride London 2017 it was rammed with cyclists and reception didn’t bat an eyelid. Price wise they’ve caught on and for the same weekend a two night stay has risen by +£100.
  6. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    The food is to be avoided, yes. Usually there's somewhere better nearby, even if only a chain pub also reheating Brakes or similar but more competently.

    They've used demand-reactive pricing for years, haven't they? One the draw is made, RideLondon weekend prices may drop a bit as early flexible bookers cancel after not winning a place.
  7. Profpointy

    Profpointy Guru

    Re: food in premier inn / trsvelodge. Breakfasts are excellent in both. Travelodge food in the evening is edible, and premier inn somewhat better, but I'd be going out for curry or whatever either way. Premier in is quite a lot nicer to stay in and sit in the bar in - the bars often being reasonably pub like. Whether the extra niceness is worth the premium depends on the rate on any particular day. Usually in london on a weekend I'm not willing to pay the extra as it'll cover a meal out and I'm not spending much time in the room. In the week, when I'm there to work, then I'll pay the extra within reason - though it does help that I'm not paying !
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  8. LeetleGreyCells

    LeetleGreyCells Reinvented for 2019 - Formerly RealLeeHimself

    Take some black bin bags and ‘bag’ each wheel (either on or off the bike) then carry the bike in. This may be problematic when touring solo as your bike will be loaded up - unless you’re like Geoff Capes. If there’s two of you it’s easier, one stays with luggage while other carries their stuff in and vice versa. :okay:
  9. TinyMyNewt

    TinyMyNewt An execrable pun

    South coast, UK
    I once spent a long weekend at Holmbury St Mary youth hostel (with a singing group, nothing to do with cycling). I believe it was the first purpose-built youth hostel, in the 1930s, and I think it is listed. The main communal room has a classic 1930s painted frieze depicting earnest ramblers and cyclists, including a tandem - unfortunately it has been clumsily painted around at some point. There were lots of old games hanging on the wall, including a Cycle Touring Bagatelle board. The building looks like a prison block, and as I remember it was low on creature comforts, but it is in a very beautiful setting in the woods. Lots of good mtb routes from the front door.



  10. Hedgemonkey

    Hedgemonkey Upright and forwards, just.

    NE Derbyshire
    Tbh, if it was a choice between YHA and a motel type accommodation, I'd still do the YHA, as they tend not to be on an intersection of 2 or 3 major roads, more seem to be a nice rural location and still have a little of that quirky 1950's CTC thing which I kind of like . If you are touring alone, there is normally some like minded soul to have a matter with too.
    Also if I've been out mtbing anywhere in the UK I very much doubt most Premier inns would even be happy with the mud monster being in the car park never mind the room.;-)
    But it's all a step in the right direction.
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  11. BalkanExpress

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    Those pictures bring back memories! I was in the scouts in Morden and so spent many a wet winter Saturday night in either Holmbury or Tanners.
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  12. Slick

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    Maybe not quite as keen to stay at the PI after the dispatches programme the other night.:eek:
  13. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    [QUOTE 5151415, member: 259"]Links?[/QUOTE]
    Mm, I'll have a look but basically it was the pressure on the cleaning team which meant they were using guests used towels to clean the toilet then the other surfaces.xx(
  14. Slick

    Slick Veteran

  15. Slick

    Slick Veteran

    [QUOTE 5151422, member: 259"]Not good. But i suppose if they were still washing them on a boil wash it would be fine. But I'm no expert[/QUOTE]
    I certainly don't fancy it, and the obvious next question is what else are they cutting on? I know that's a cheap dig but relevant none the less. I also think it showed some unsavoury employment practices.
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