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I got a pair from a well known chain of Opticians. The standard cycling glasses get a pair of clip in lenses to your prescription behind the wrap around of the glasses. I paid around £450 for mine, which got me the frames, three wrap arounds, one clear, one amber and one smoked, the clip in insert and the prescription lenses. As my normal glasses cost me £400-£600 (I have a very complex prescription!) I felt they were a bargain.
Do I still use them? Well no! My prescription changed and buying new inserts at the time was too expensive (My normal glasses frames were £60, the lenses £425 and lenses for the inserts would have run me another £425 or so!) and by then I'd sussed that I steamed up in the wrap arounds on every hill and at every set of traffic lights, removing the glasses meant not being able to see clearly, so I went back to normal glasses on the bike as they don't steam up. But are a bit draughty at 40mph+ down hill!

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You take the insert to the opticians of your choice and they fit your prescription lenses. Six quid plus about 30 for the lenses.....Bargain.
I got some cheap glasses similer to those ones about 8 years ago just change the prescription lenses when i get new glasses not let me down yet.


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Yebbut they look naff and they're heavy and there are four surfaces for mist to collect.

Go to TK Max, choose some sunnies, pop the lenses out and take them to the optician to get them glazed. These cost me £12 and then £50 for prescription lenses. Some opticians will be reluctant to do the job because of the curve of the frame and the thickness of the lens at the edges but some will be willing, if you happen to be near Blackburn the very excellent Junaid at Ideal Eye Care is your man for all optical bodging at a good price. He's got a great beard too.


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I got my prescription sunglasses from Optilabs. £160 for frames and lenses made to your prescription. You can have any tint, mirror or I have photochromatics which change according to the light levels and go completely clear for riding at night.


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I got Oakleys with transitions prescription lenses, about £260 (I got from RxSport, had a £50 off deal)

I don't like the inserts and optilabs were not much cheaper for much nastier frames (I went to their showroom to try the frame)


Normal glasses plus a pair of these?
I wear contact lenses (so I can see) and a pair of Wilko's eye-protectors (to keep the flies out of my eyes). They are a little less industrial-looking than the goggles in the picture, though. I have never felt the need for sunglasses (even when I lived in California).


How does this work then . Where do the prescrition lenses come from? Im confused ! Just done 2 very long 12 hr night shifts and not got brain in gear yet .
You can something as described for a fraction of the price assuming you don't have highly complex prescriptions.

When I have been looking into it you're talking £150-£200 for specialist bike brands eg BBB. Or alternatively Asda do wraparound sunglasses with prescription inserts for under a hundred, even less if you get two for the price of one.

You can be a total brand snob if you want but no one's going to notice as you purr past them anyway, and all cycling glasses make you look like a d*** anyhow.


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I like half frames like Oakleys, those ones posted by Globalti would look appalling on me, far far too heavy a frame. I don't switch out of my cycling glasses as soon as I get off the bike. Otherwise on a sunny day, I'd need to carry 3 pairs (cycling, outdoors, indoors)!

I didn't go looking for Oakleys specifically but they were the only frames I could try on and know what I was getting before ordering online. The optilabs ones with transitions and a vaguely acceptable frame (still not right but their direct glazed range is very small) weren't even £50 less, nothing in the grand scheme when already paying over £200. The transition lens does hike the price up for the convenience of the technology
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