Presta valve in Schrader hole?

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Please accept my sicerest apologies, that was well too strong! I have badly misjudged you.

I can only speak from experience and I have lost about 3 tubes this way, during the same period having had no other form of puncture.

Your choice


t's ok - a normal apology would have done, I didn't expect a sincere one ;)
I'm more of the school of thought of "it works and it doesn't bother me, so I'm happy with it", rather than "let's get it perfect".
I probably didn't mention that this is on a mtb where tube life is a lot less than road bikes anyway, hence the difference in whether the grommet will make a difference.


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alfablue said:
Another Bonj wind-up I think, but if you do this the tube will eventually fail as the valve seperates from the tube at it's base - been there, had that

No, definitely not a problem on a lowish pressure tyre. My tourer has the wider holes in the rim and has done several heavily loaded tours without any problem. As the Doctor says, they are MTB sized tyres at c.40psi.


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I can see that it might be fine for thousands of miles, but for the sake of a 20p grommet why risk it?
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