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What do you need to set up a Pro team? Just wads of cash?

They're all businesses at present aren't they? Has an individual ever run a team in his or her own name? I understand that the main lure is advertising and to be associated with success, but theoretically could an individual have a team, or if already done, who was the last? Do any teams actually MAKE money from winnings?

Something in my dim and distant memory says Moser might have tried. or Guimard?

What triggered this was Fuzzy's post about Disco leaving the sport and me thinking that Uncle Lance might just as well set one up by himself.
IIRC I think Uncle mono-knacker part owns Disco.


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Why would you? Unless you have the kind of money that Roman Abramovich boasts and can treat it purely as a hobby, it would just be a large money pit and a massive head ache.

Keith Oates

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To answer one question, I don't think any team, no matter how successful could exist on prize money only. The money from sponsors that consider they get value from the advertising is the only way a team can survive. Now if we could only get Bill Gates interested in cycling that would be OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Deal, Kent
Johan owns 50% and Armstrong owns 50%.
The company is Tailwind sports.
So Disco is really Team Armstrong already
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