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I’m Priscila, a product design student in Portugal and I’m looking for some help for my research.
This questionnaire was developed as part of a module called Industry Project (within the undergraduate degree in Product Design at the University of Minho, Portugal) and is part of an internship at Bosch Car Multimedia in Braga (Portugal).
If you could borrow me 15 minutes of your time, i would aprecciate your cooperation. Your opinion will be of utmost importance for me to develop products that respond to your needs.


Answered a few questions, but as someone whi is retired, got stumped on some of the questions and there are no "other" options.

Good luck with your project and please return with any conclusions.


Sheffield, UK
I suspect that it's not a specific product that's the focus of this research:
The results will be analysed and will serve as a basis for the creation of personas (user profiles).
More about creating cyclist profiles whose needs other designers can then aim to satisfy with the products they're designing.
But @PriscilaSalarini would be better placed to answer that obvs.
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