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Kilometre nibbler
Salticrax just doesn't sound all that appetising. But the South Africans disagree

The Finnish word "pussi" means "bag", and I remember 20 or so years ago often seeing MEGAPUSSI (big bag) bags of crisps or whatever in supermarkets. I've not seen this kind of promo in recent years.

Also there were some chocolate wafers called Fani Pala but they've now been renamed to Fasu Pala. I think after the chocolate brand Fazer.

Moving to Swedish there's a chocolate called Skum Bananer which I found amusing. Skum in this case I think means froth or foam. It's banana flavoured anyway.
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Kilometre nibbler
Other Finnish things. These are just a bit odd, rather than unfortunate names. And I can't find any pictures.

There are or were two brands of alcoholic drink on sale in Finland called Valdemar and Doris. They were a kind of proto alcopop before alcopops were a thing, but I think they are still around. Valdemar is red coloured and has a picture of Valdemar on the front. He's bald, with a handlebar moustache and looks very happy. Doris is a white wine coloured liquid. On the label Doris is pictured like an archetypal librarian, peeping primly over the top of her glasses.

Edit: This is the best I could find. They seem to have a new Doris, I don't remember this one.
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