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So annoying. this morning I fixed one hole only to cause another one putting the effing tube back on the rim. What am I doing wrong. I very slighlty pump up the tube before putting it back on, should I pump it up quite a lot, or just stop going like a bull at a gate.

And I broke a fecking tyre lever too.

Needless to say the bike is on its side in the dining room.


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Done this with my mates bike aswell the other day. Turned out to be a small thorn stuck in the tire. So even although a new tube went in, the little thorn was still sticking through the tire wall and burst the new tube...

Removed the thorn, repaired the tube and 100 miles later its still holding together.

So I would check the inside wall of your tire to make sure there are no sharp, rough objects sticking through.


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MacLean said:
I would check the inside wall of your tire to make sure there are no sharp, rough objects sticking through.

Always a good tip.

scouserinlondon said:
I think in my case it's a pinch tear due to a cack handed engineer (me)

Don't be too hard on yourself - practise makes perfect. :biggrin:

I always pump the tube up until it's fully inflated - not flat. Then push it back into the tyre/rim. I then make sure the tube it nowhere near the rim as I put most of the tyre back on with only my hands - only using the levers for the last couple of inches if necessary.


Obviously make sure the tube is inside before pushing the tyre back onto the rim

And then work your way around tyre squeezing it and tugging it from side to side, just in case


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Getting the tyre back on is harder if you put too much air in the tube beforehand. Some is good to help you avoid trapping it though.

I agree about not using levers to get tyres back on. I had a spate of punctures in my first week cycling and it turned out that I was damaging tubes with the tyre levers.

I put tyres on by hand now. If you are wearing gloves you can hook your fingers round the rim and work the tyre on in stages with the palm of your hand (if you don't wear gloves it's easy to blister your skin doing that).


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Cheers all. Time to MTFU and ditch dem levers
on the road said:
Don't use tyre levers to put the tyre back on, just use your hands and brute force.

I'll have to try that to. I have had many a pinch puncture while replacing tyre. I have to say my tyres seem to be an extremely tight fit and doubt that they can be replaced with hands alone. But i'll give it go next time.
Invest in some Park Tool plastic tyre (tire?) levers. I use them to put on my very tight Specialized All Condition Armadillo tyres. No problems with tube pinches!
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