Punctures, or more precisely the lack of them...


So I've been rolling on my lowish end Conti grand sport races for a good few thousand miles. To my mild relief you could say I've not had a single puncture. Whereas others I know get them somewhat regularly. Could it come down to rider weight, with me being on the skinnier side of things


I'm 95kg and get fairly regular punctures on most tyres, apart from Marathon Plus on my commuter. But that is generally on the same urban roads so probably lots of glass about. The times recently where I've had them out in the country are not long after riding through patches of broken glass on cyclepaths, so I've really started to slow down and avoid them, and check the tyres for embedded glass very quickly.

Not sure I've ever had a puncture that wasn't caused by glass!


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I only use Continental Gatorskins and for a year have not had any punctures with road riding. I don't use any other tyre precisely for this reason.

I weigh 90kg and run 100psi pressure wise.


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I use conti 4 seasons 28s all year round, I ride between 3-5 thousand miles per year and haven't had a puncture with the last two sets of tyres. The tyres I'm using definitely help but most of all it comes down to where I'm riding my bike. I live in the Cheshire countryside which is a road cyclists mecca.
65kg, run Conti GP5000's, 100psi and after over 8000km got my first puncture on my road bike in the last 12 months a few days ago.
I am assuming it was the maintenance crew cutting back the bushes on the roadsides; thorns on the road as a result etc.

I used to get punctures on my MTB every week until I switched to tubeless - non since. I won't switch on my road bike though.


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I never get "real" punctures on the road - last one was years ago from a shard of glass and it went down when the bike was in the shed. The odd pinch puncture or rim tape failure, yes.

I avoid psyclepaths unless I have tough tyres and slime tubes - the scratters deliberately glass them to cause punctures. On the road, I don't ride in the gutter and I use quite narrow tyres. All other things being equal, a narrow tyre is less likely to pick up a piece of glass or a thorn.
Blimey, I am surprised you have any teeth left.
It's fine, many roads here are surprisingly good actually because they don't see a huge amount of traffic.


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Shouldn't be down to weight. I've not had a puncture in years and years (he says, invoking the wrath of he who shall not be named). And I'm quite tubby at well over 14 stone.

My 3 main bikes have Marathon Plus (hybrid / town bike), Marathon Mondial (touring bike), and cheapo Giant SL (road bike), so a bit of a mix of quality in the tyres too. The two former bikes get ridden on all surfaces including stony tracks, the latter just on tarmac roads.


Although low miles, 18 months on Schwalbe Luganos, around 95psi rear and 80 front, 25mm tyres, one puncture so far. Couldn't find a cause, so blamed the tube!


13 stone, 85 psi checked before setting out yesterday. Schwalbe Durano, sealant in the tube and Yes, Yet another Bleeping Puncture! How do you guys manage not to get them? I used to get one every ride. I buy patches 50 at a time from China and large tubes of rubber cement. Some of my inner tubes are more patch than tube !
Two in 600 yards was the worst I had, and, yes I had checked the tyre for still embedded items.

I am seriously considering Ghetto road tubeless. Although I am wary, I do run tubeless on the mountain bike.


I gave up on the local towpaths due to the inordinate number of punctures even running tubeless, the problem where I live is there are thorn hedges everywhere locally and the rest of of the town type roads are debris/glass strewn assault courses.
Tannus tyres were considered again yesterday, but my budget wouldn't even stretch to one.

Tiger tank would be nice for dealing with some of the pr*ts that abound locally, but they would't get far trying to shout down your ear hole as they went past
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