1. L

    Punctures (3 of them!!)

    So, out on the Raleigh Motus eBike on Sunday (my birthday incidentally) and got a front tyre puncture on rural roads in Perthshire (lots of farm tracks, blown down tree debris, single track, having to cut over to let cars pass etc) Got home, pulled a bloody great thorn out, replaced the inner...
  2. rogerzilla

    Frequent rear wheel punctures from Brompton rim

    On a couple of Bromptons over the years, I've had irritatingly frequent rear punctures, always when the bike is parked, that are traceable to a badly-finished rim hole. The sharp edge chafes at the base of the valve stem, presumably as the tyre deforms under pedalling forces, and then deflates...
  3. L

    So many punctures

    Hi just wondered how often people get punctures, I seem to be forever getting them and seem to have to rotate which bike I use due to punctures. I went to get my trek out shed yesterday only to find it had a puncture while my specialized was in bike shop having back wheel fixed.. luckily bike...
  4. Bhitucyclist

    Sick of punctures - what sleek tyres can i get

    Hello friends - i am back for some advice. I have michellin pro 4 tyres fitted in 2019. Did a fair bit of cycling 2019 and 2020. This year i am facing frequent punctures. I am cycling 200 to 400 km per month. Is it time to get new tyres. I am bit sick of changing tubes every other month. What...
  5. O

    Amateur ignorant ride organiser needs advice about participants having punctures

    I organise and lead free cycle rides in London via postings on a social website and the typical participant I would meet for the first time just before the ride starts. I have done it without knowledgeable advice from anyone else (except about legal liability). I am just bumbling along but I...
  6. Anthony.R.Brown

    How is it Possible so many Pro Cyclists Still Get Punctures ?

    I really don't understand how it's possible for Pro Cyclists to still get punctures in this modern Hi tech age ? :( Kevlar was the answer at one time ? as not only does it stop punctures ? but it's also Bullet proof ? which can be handy when a farmer shoots at you with his shotgun for going on...
  7. G

    Punctures, or more precisely the lack of them...

    So I've been rolling on my lowish end Conti grand sport races for a good few thousand miles. To my mild relief you could say I've not had a single puncture. Whereas others I know get them somewhat regularly. Could it come down to rider weight, with me being on the skinnier side of things
  8. Pale Rider

    Are Bromptons more prone to punctures?

    A shiny new six speed Brompton in my local bike shop got me thinking again about my next bike purchase. One thing causing me to hesitate is that when I had a Brompton I got quite a few punctures. Given that I only do short journeys on any pushbike, my puncture to miles travelled ratio was...
  9. N


    I got new wheels on Thursday and had to set them up for an audax on Friday with very little time for testing. New tyre on the back and part-worn one on the front, both 28 mm gp 4000s. Wheels didn't have a hole in the rim tape, so I poked the valve through. Middle of the night I had a puncture...
  10. Bhitucyclist

    Are road bike tyres more prone to punctures than hybrid tyres?

    Hi all , i ride a hybrid. I am trying to increase my riding speed and was suggested that i could change the tyres to sleek road tyres. However my exp of riding mountain/hybrid is never had a puncture in last 5 years . So wanted to find out what is your exp and if you had any preference to any...
  11. bonker

    Getting punctures with tyre wear

    In the last three years on the commute I had about five puctures and four of them were in the last fortnight (six rides). I looked at the conti gatorskins and could still see the wear indicator dimples. Its wet, the roads have been salted (not recently)....etc etc Decided enough was enough and...
  12. Gixxerman

    Phantom punctures

    I keep getting punctures in both wheels of my MTB even though I know that I have not been anywhere likely to get them. I also cannot find anything in the tyres that was responsible (no glass or thorns). The rim "tape" is also fine. Closer inspection of the inner tubes show a line of marks on the...
  13. kapelmuur

    Punctures - how to get home without tyre removal?

    I'm the wrong side of 70 and have arthritis in my hands, therefore removing and replacing a tyre at the side of the road is a long process for me, usually 30/40 minutes. I use tyres with inner tubes and the tyres are Schwalbe Durano and are pretty puncture resistant, but I guess nothing is...
  14. al3xsh

    Snake bite punctures

    Hi all, After managing to avoid getting punctures for ages, I've had two in the last week. :'( Both have been snake bite punctures - the first after hitting a big pothole, but today I don't remember hitting anything particularly noticable. I pump my tyres up pretty much before every ride to...
  15. graham bowers

    Causes of mystery punctures?

    I don't get may punctures, but of those I do, I only find the culprit in about half of them - thorns, flints, glass usually. But the others, I find nothing - the tube is pricked, but nothing in the tyre. I guess by definition its not possible to discover the cause. Doed this happen to everybody???
  16. dhd.evans

    Two punctures, one bike

    I rode 40mi on Friday and on the last 5mi got a sudden rapid puncture. The front wheel made a popping sound then deflated in record time. Thankfully I was on campus so whipped round, took the tube out and replaced it with a new one. Ran my finger round the tyre to check for cuplrits but...
  17. bonker

    Spoke and rim induced punctures on Brompton

    I've had a Brompton for about two years, its a 2012 model 3 speed S,raw lacquer. The problem I have found with it is punctures but from the inside of the rim ( it's got Schwalbe Marathons on. I've had about 4. The first three, rear wheel, punctures were soon after I got the bike, I replaced...
  18. Sunny Portrush

    Not one but two punctures today..............whilst on the turbo!!

    How the hell does that happen. Was about ten minutes into a routine I do a lot and I was thinking, boy, am I struggling today. I then looked down and saw the tyre was flat. Rather odd I thought but went about changing the inner tube, carrying out the usual checks. Set off again and lo and...
  19. C


    Been riding my hybrid crosstrail bike for 5 years, never any punctures. I started riding my mountain bike about 5 weeks ago and so far, over the same surfaces, two punctures?!? Why would it be so different?
  20. Pale Rider

    Tubeless ready rims and punctures

    Does anyone have experience of fixing punctures on tubeless ready rims? One of my bikes has tubeless ready rims with inner tubes. Fixing today's puncture wasn't quite straightforward. First problem was unseating the bead from the rim. Hand pressure wasn't enough, although I did manage it...
  21. G3CWI

    Three punctures in 100m

    Today I picked up three punctures in 1 ride that lasted 100 metres. If this is a record, it's not one that i wish to hold thank you. All three were thorns. Fortunately is was a short walk home. Fixing them has been a bit of a pain though. The tyre is all pumped up and ready to go back on the...
  22. RedRider

    A hiss-tory of punctures

    They come in threes don't they? One a day for the last three days. On Saturday I don't know what caused it, I couldn't see anything which is always a worry but I put a new tube in anyway and it was fine. Yesterday it was a stray frayed bit of brake cable picked up on the road that attached...
  23. Smokin Joe

    Rear Wheel Punctures on a Trike

    What do you do? You can't tip it upside down or lay it on it's side when you take the wheel out and I don't fancy resting it on the mech when the wheel is out. It's going to happen sooner or later so how do you experience tripod jockeys handle it?
  24. Keith Oates

    Two flats in one commute.

    This morning I had two flats within 1 kilometre of the journey and that meant I had a 7 Km. walk to get to the office. What is the most flats you've had in one journey?
  25. sbeqs

    Had my first flat tyre...

    ...and it's taken the wind out of my sails. The actual tyre seemed to have untucked itself at one part and I prised it back into the rim. (Apologies, I don't know the technical names, it might be called something else) I'm not sure how it happened, but I did get caught in the door earlier and...
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