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Hey People,
I am doing Engineering Product Design and I am in my final year. I am doing doing my final project about bike security and I am planning to make a new lock which is not available in the market. For that I need your help because I need some ideas to make excellent bike lock. I am attaching a questionnaire link here so can you please do it for me? it will be really helpful and if you have any other ideas about bike security plz let me know.. Thanks


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Done but in light of the miriad of lock styles out there now you will need to make something really special !
You need to rethink type questionnaire.
I have more than 1 type of bike.
I have now than 1 type of bike lock.
I use my bikes for more than 1 type of use (I commute, I tour and I ride leisurely)
2 of my bikes are locked up and stored outside, the other is in the house fire to space issues outside.

Answering your questionnaire was difficult and I am not the only member here who has more than 1 bike, uses more than 1 type of lock depending on which bike and cycles for leisure as well as commuting.


I've had a look at the survey but have not completed it as it would not be representative of me and the way I cycle / secure my bikes.
As the previous posters have indicated, you probably need to re-think the questions and give people the capability to select multiple options. Most of the other cyclists that I know would also be unable to complete this survey accurately as they do not fall neatly into one or other of the compartments the questions are steering them into.
It may be worthwhile consulting with some other cyclists to draw on their experience and fine tune the questions a bit more? (I'm making an assumption that you're not an experienced cyclist - apologies if this is not the case). :smile:

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completed survey but not sure it's really representing me at all. i have 2 bikes, one that is only for commuting and the other is only for leisure and training riding and it is strictly so and i would never consider using one bike for the other job. the commuter is always locked at school but the nice (and quite a bit more expensive) leisure bike never gets locked pretty much, this is because when i am out on it it is either between my legs or in my hand, i take it into the bank, the toilets, a cafe or pretty much any where else! i'm the most secure lock i will ever have. they are also kept in different places, one in an unlocked shed and one behind more than a foot of concrete and steel bars and several industrial drill and cut (tested by our selves extensively trying to modify them) locks and clasps.
which bike and situation should i answer for?
Cheers Ed
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