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Hi, here in denmark we got a race break for about a month from now. And it couldn't come on a worse time, because im really in great shape/form right now. So i was thinking, what should i do to be in great shape at the start of second part og the season 14th august?

I'm going to France in week 29 og 30 and there is plenty of opportunities to train hard because of the "alpes" !
So i was wondering how i should train the next couple of weeks? :smile:
Im thinking of taking an easy week this week with no intervals(or at least not so many) to set my shape a bit back(like when i start wintertraining i have a OFFweek) But here not as dramatic as winter training, still riding but just a bit easier. and then just build up the shape with harder and harder intervals in week 28,29,30 and so on? :biggrin:

Or would it be better just to train as i normally with intervals tuesday and thursday? and maybe saturday now that i dont race i in the weekend? :sad:

What should i do? :ohmy: help me!!

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No rider can be at peak fitness all season; rather to build up to a series of peaks for races that are especially meaningful. This might be the start of the second half of the season or a race two weeks later.

For me the training cycle was always a series of longer rides, then long interval training (Lactate Threshold) , then very hard flat out efforts (VO2 max) with adequate recovery then easy week leading up to race.
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