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If Tony Stark Built Pedal Cycles
If you have faced a tortuous hill and wished for superhuman powers, consider the Raht Racer;
an electrically-assisted pedal trike that can speed you along at 70 mph without breaking a sweat.

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The Raht Racer uses a flywheel generator to convert pedal power into electrical energy. You pedal as you would a conventional bicycle, but travel as fast as a car.

The Raht Racer features an aluminium roll cage frame, composite body, seat belts and an airbag as standard.

Smokin Joe

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The future of transport, or yet another flawed prototype that will never see the light of day?

We shall see.

Chris S

"an electrically-assisted pedal trike" - in other words you have to plug it in to charge it. I wonder how much human-power it actually uses?


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Pedalling one of them was awkward, at best. I'd have to think about actually taking one on the road.
I think the pedals were included to get round the law.

Gravity Aided

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Land of Lincoln
I think the pedals were included to get up hills. Motor power alone would have overheated the electric motor, and caused it to cut out, and then you would have a real predicament. I think with todays technology and power controls, this could be a contender, now. Lighter, better electronic and a enclosed seat may make this Raht Racer or electrofahhrahd or whatever a little more likely to be successful, although by its name and appearance I would expect the visibility mast to be in the shape of a tail.And I'll bet I'm going to break a sweat in a enclosed box, pedaling away like that.
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