Raleigh Equipe Road Bike?


Hi everyone, I went to a bike shop today looking at a road bike and on the spur of the moment got a raleigh equipe. It was a used bike that he had in stock. His only road bike.

Im 5' 10'' and 31'' leg. i sat on it and he said it was just right for me.

Ive got home and gone for a ride and it feels too small. Ive measured it at about 47cm but i think i should have a 54cm after reading about measuring up.

It also has shifters on the handlebars which are really hard to change because im canstantly having to grab the top of the handlebars.

Ive just phoned them to say its too small and they said put the seat up.

What shall i do?





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Buyer beware!


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Leemc 18 that sounds way to small for 5ft10" . there seems to be quite a few bike with changers mounted either side of the stem just in the area where you place you hands when cruising .

as to what to do , i suggest take it back and ask for a refund , if they are a decent shop (name and shame) they should sell it easily again .


Yes that is definitely the plan tomorrow. Take it back and get a full refund. Then go to all terrain cycle shop and purchase the defy 2 on finance instead!

Rather spend more and use it, than have a cheaper bike stck in the garage! :-)


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Is the top tube sloping like this ?
If so just be aware that most bikes are measured for size along the seat tube to where it would meet the top tube if the top tube were level and not sloping so if the slope of the tube is like the bike above then it might be a 54 ,alhtough a 56 cm might have been closer to the right size imho


Yes it's sloping.

Just something about the bike doesn't feel right to me.

I hate the shifters!

Do you think they will refund me?


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Agreed, that seems way too small. I'm 5'10" and ride a 58 (which on paper is too big, but it's the most comfortable bike I've ridden to date).
Hi mate, that frame size is way too small for you, I am 5'5'' and I ride a 48cm with an horizontal top tube. A road bike with a sloping top tube to suit me would be around 46cm.
Hopefully the shop will give you a full refund, though any local bike shop worth it's salt would have made sure you were ok for sizing before selling it to you!:ohmy:.
Best of luck fella, hope you get it sorted.


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lesson...buy from a lbs that you get to know mine,stonehenge cycles in salisbury have just fitted my lad up with the raliegh airlite,
fitting on the turbo new shortened stem ,saddle right height and range,the bike fits and i have the advantage of repeat visits to get sorted as they grow,we have bought 3 bikes from them in the last quarter,and service is always the same
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