Raleigh Trail Low Step or Forme Peak Trail 1 Womens

I am considering buying one of these bikes from my local bikes shop. I have been wanting to buy a bike for a while but only just getting round to it. I will be riding for leisure mainly on roads and parks around London with my daugher 11 and husband. It will not be used for commuting.

Any advice on either of the above bikes. I can't seem to find the weight of the Former Peak Trail - anyone know?



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16 Kilos for the Raleigh, aprox, cant find any info on the Forme, I really boils down to what suits you best, I would imagine they are similar in weight.... try both out, the weight on this type of bike would not make a great deal of difference IMO its which one you find most comfortable to ride


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Are you only considering those 2 because you want to buy from a particular local shop? I can understand you wanting to try one first as it's your first bike and it needs to be comfy, but if you went to a large branch of Evans you would have a wider choice, especially if you were prepared to look at ones that aren't step through - there are lots of women's hybrid bikes with lower crossbar.
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