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Top cool call!

I had a pension advisor called Tony Blackburn, not so cool. but still amusing as he sent me Christmas cards...

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my friends, erm.... guest speaker I think they are called (person at wedding that call's dinner etc) was called Wayne King, no joke, it said it on his name badge and everything


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i used to work with a howard jones (not the singer).


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We used to know a gardener called Dan Digweed. There's a plumber in Ramsbottom called Gordon Fish.
Speicher said:
There is a firm of Solicitors (the Legal sort) in Coventry called Wright Hassall. The possibility of a court case prevents me from specifying whether they lived up to their name.xx(
They did my conveyancing some years ago and were very good.
I may possibly have chosen them because the name amused me...;)
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