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Can anyone recommend a rear fitting bike rack for one (possibly two) bikes. It needs to fit a Peugoet 206 and a Renault Clio. For around £30?

I know thats probably too cheap but for the use it will get I dont what to spend too much.



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You may well be asking a bit much for that price, could you not get the back seats down, take the wheels off the bikes and fit the frames and wheels into the car? Wiggle have these

Evans have these.


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Argos used to sell a paddy hopkirk for hatchback cars for 29.99

I had one and it was crap to the point of being dangerous!

Worryingly it was a very similar design to the Halfords £50 one.

I now use a towball mounted one and it's great. Only cost £60 (including light plate) but does mean you need a car with a towball fitted which isn't cheap if not already on there.

I'd put them in the back with the seats down if possible. A cheap carrier is a bad idea and illegal without a number plate and light plate which will cost you another £30+


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The old adage hangs true - you get what you pay for. It doesn't matter if you use it once a year or five times a week, you still need a minimum quality standard for it to be safe and frankly I think £30 is just too cheap.

It's not just your bike(s) you need to keep safe and secure, it's also all the other drivers and passengers travelling behind you on the Motorway that will plough into your cheapie rack and bikes when they fall off your car, and I've seen it happen twice.

Get a decent rack or fit them inside the car. I gave up using any kind of rack a long time ago because I never felt safe using them. I always put the bikes inside the vehicle now.
I've had a strap-on carrier before and whilst nothing ever fell off, I never felt sure while using it* I use a towbar mounted one and wouldn't choose any other type - solid steel clamp on fitting, solid steel securing pins, the only straps are those holding the bike on (and being the "over-engineer" that I am, even then I use ratchet straps, not buckles or bungees)

As mentioned above, you need a number plate and light board - and you need to install somewhere to plug the light board into, even for the strap-on type. To both cars, that's another £30 worth of kit if you self-install, if you don't feel confident wiring in the socket to the car's lights then make that £70-80 for supply and installation.

Costs soon mount up if you are doing it properly (and if you don't since it's a fine and points if you are caught obscuring lights or number plate)

*One reason was that in my cycle shop days I twice put together a "nearest equivelant" list and assembled a set of new family bikes from that list to replace the bent and broken ones that had been on carriers that had, for one reason or another, become separated from the car.


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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! Into the car it goes!
Cheers guys for the advice :biggrin:


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I have a Fiat punto sport active hatchback and want to use rear bike rack
but dont want it to damage car! Any advice??
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