Rear mech not springing close to cassette ?


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The rear mech on my commuter shifts ok across the whole range of the cassette but its not springing as close as it can to the cassette , it feels really stiff to turn by hand around the bolt that connects it to the mech hanger.
I think this might be affecting my chainline as well due to tension ?


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My rear mech seized up recently due to leaving too much salty grit on it after winter rides. Give it a good clean and lube the pivots - that might help.


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Well, it couldn't hurt to drip a light penetrating oil round the part that the arrow points to in your picture (and all the other moving parts)? Move the mech forwards and backwards by hand to try and work the oil in. It might be easier to get the oil to soak in if you lay the bike down on its left side with the mech facing upwards.

It didn't take much effort to get my mech working again once the seized parts were properly lubed.


There should be a circlip around the frame end of the arrowed bolt. Take it off and you should be able to get the bolt out for cleaning and lubrication.


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There are all sorts of dire warnings about not fiddling about with the torsion spring that torques up that pivot. If you are tempted to "look inside", please take. care.
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