Rear wheel disc cover


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Has anyone got experience of a rear wheel disc cover/ jacket, not sure what they’re called?

my 88mm wheel has broke and thinking of one of these for an Ironman coming up, can’t afford a new wheel yet , been looking second hand, so thinking along this line temporarily!



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I've got one on my 100mm TT wheel. A bit fiddly to fit and it doesn't stay flat in places unless stuck down. However I do think it makes the wheel a bit lighter.
I used one (a cover) a few years back it was a bit noisy but seemed to be a good middle ground before I had a disc. I had a bespoke one from Raltech and the fit wasn't bad although I had to disable the jockeys from using the 25t that was a bit close.


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They don't fit very well, nor have they been through a wind tunnel (e.g. fit/poor airflow, air going behind disc) . They are an early 90's thing !
Maybe you should change that to the ones you've come across don't fit very well! I can't actually imagine someone being stupid enough to fit a disk cover and not make sure that it blocks the wind from getting in :laugh:


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I've used a set that I bought on eBay for the last seven years. Fits perfectly, can access every gear. I used it to ride across the windy, flat desert in Australia on IndyPac.
It took a bit of trimming and fiddling to fit it to begin with, and needs checking and occasional re-taping, but basically a great product.
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