recommend me some recovery drinks


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i'm now doing between 160 to 206 miles per week depending what lectures i have. i'm getting headaches due to dehydration. i am currently using sis electrolyte powder. it helps but is expensive and not really that useful. is andrews liver salts any good? i need to be drinking 7 litres a day according to my nutrition lectures. but i also need to replace all the electrolytes and salts.

what do you guys recommend?



I base mine on

this in turn links to My Protein who I have found are good sellers at really good prices.

there's a 5% discount code on the first link somewhere.


+1 for JibberJim and MyProtein. I make my own (basic) energy drinks using maltodextrin, fructose and electrolytes for a fraction of the cost of SIS et al. For recovery drinks I just add some flavoured whey protein to milk.


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If you are after electrolytes then try the High5 zero which is a hydration drink but is low in calories. If you are looking for protein and carbs mix for after training then I love the ProteinRecovery Banana Vanilla Flavour from High5. This is also high in electrolytes.


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Recovery drinks.

Chocolate milkshake.

Or: bung a banana and some milk in a blender.

My general riding drinks are based on fruit juices, usually apple, diluted and with some added salt and sugar.


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Hi there try the High 5 4:1 rcovery drink it contains 4 parts carbs to 1 part protein wich is a fantastic balance for during and post excersie. They also do an Isotonic drink, aint used this but have used their isotoni gels when the weather been really hot and have been fantastic


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moved from sis electrolyte to sis recovery. feel i don't the electrolytes now and managed fine on water. but yesterday a new bike related symptom reared its ugly head. tired heavy legs. went to lbs and told them the problem they recommended the sis recovery powder. expensive but felt much better this morning. i'll see how it goes. cheers for the advice tho.
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