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No not the cyclists, this was a taxi & a bus, I was sat at a set of lights last night the lights in front changed to green, which coincided with a taxi & a bus coming across the junction, no way were they not shown a Red before they started to cross. It was caught on the dashcam, but I have no idea how to edit it just down to that bit.


The traffic controlled roundabout outside Tesco in Chesterfield has someone going through a red almost every change. No one seems to give a sh*t.


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It seems to have got much worse around Plymouth lately - they've shut one of the rat runs for 2 years because they're building a new road. This has caused even more traffic on the main road, and I think more delays are making people more impatient and more desperate.

Last night I was queuing up to the lights, they turned red. A taxi saw a gap on the roundabout so chnaged lanes and jumped the red, it must have been a good 3 seconds on red. If a cyclist was filtering through he could have wiped them out.


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"Traffic officers caught 71 motorists driving through a red light on an M25 slip road during a 12-minute period.

A marked police unit from Beds, Cambs and Herts Road Policing Unit captured the drivers flouting the law at junction 23 for South Mimms, Hertfordshire..."

Note these drivers were caught by officers in a marked police car. If you're dumb enough or unobservant enough to do that in the presence of police then your fine & points should be doubled.


It was caught on the dashcam, but I have no idea how to edit it just down to that bit.
When I looked at submitting something to Surrey police, they stipulated that any video should show a minimum number of minutes either side of the incident, so I wouldn't bother trying to edit.


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Its almost endemic now, i rarely pass a set of TLs where at least one car will squeeze through after red. Its almost normal now to many drivers.


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Does your local police force require it editing? Most of my riding is in two forces; one requires the unedited segment wherever on it the reporting offence took place, whilst the other wants a minimum of one minute before and after.

Edit: A quick Google suggests there are a number of editors out there for Linux.
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