redbull vs the bonk monkey(aka zonkey!)

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today i took my sorry self out on the road, canary wharf( to brighton...the first time i've covered this sort of distance. 40miles in the bonk monkey was tap dancing on my shoulders and was certain i was gonna have to flop out of my mission and stop halfway i decieded the sainsburys local that i was approching might help me out although i was'nt hopeful.two red bulls later and a 10 minute rest i was back on top and feeling great and managed to get there...73 miles and chuffed that i made it!
has red bull or another 'pick me up' helped you make it to your destination!

please note purely legal substances to be discussed!:ohmy::evil:
Well done for not giving up!
I bonked 10 miles short of my destination (a 60-miler) a few months ago, guzzled some chocolate milk, had a hot-dog and some pastries. Then it really pi$$ed down so I stopped.
I felt better after about 20 mins and could/should have gone on to journey's end, but I was a bit full up! :ohmy::ohmy:
Best to try and avoid the avoidable by making sure you're charged up!
Inrbru 32 I was given two cans by someone for a drink as thats all they had after a 25 ride, 10 mins after drinking it when I got to my house I was that full of energy that I had to go out and do another 25.

I had to go out I had no other option I was very hyper if I went in the house I would have been running up the walls.

They do work these drinks, I don't think its good for you to take all that caffeine in unless you really need it.

Some of these drinks are banned in some countries like Sweden and Denmark.
Right, let's inject a note of caution.

"Energy drinks" typically contain as much caffeine as four or five expressos. 2 of them is a LOT of caffeine.

They also contain a lot of sugar to give you something to burn when the caffeine rush kicks in.

Caffeine has quite pronounced effects on the pancreas and therefore your insulin and blood sugar levels. It also affects the kidneys, the heart, and your mood.

Further, the caffeine masks the body's normal stress signals so that you don't know when you are in trouble.

Bonking (fnarr!) occurs when the body has used all the available glycogen in the muscles and has to start using fat as fuel. The body is already weakened - dumping ten expressos and half a bag of sugar into it is going to give it a lot to cope with. You could compare it to using aviation fuel in a car engine - you'll go very fast, until you burn out the gaskets, cylinder liners and cooling system.

Drinking red bull or similar is unlikely to lead to a long-term training effect as the artificial stimulation will prevent the body from making its own adaptations to become stronger. You're also more likely to end up an insomniac diabetic with kidney failure and marked mood swings. You will of course be single and unemployed by this stage as your partner and your employer will no longer be able to cope with your unpredicability.

If you want energy, eat a banana. If you want a pick-me-up, eat an apple.

And enjoy the ride.


i have yet in my life ever depended on an apple or a banana for a 'pick me up'...i don't think they're up to the job really!
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