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I know its a while 'til it comes round again, but just a thought.
Do you think that enough peolpe could put "cyclist" as their religion in the next census. Not certain at present the number required for it to be classed as a religion.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Religion may be too strong a word but it's close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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isnt it something like 20,000 people put it on. Someone did that thing from Star Wars didnt they?


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Can imagine one helluva lot of arguments over what we were worshipping a Svelte Road Bike or a Gnarly Mountain bike and thats before you get to the godlike frame material.


I am a Jedi cyclist. I am multi-denominational.


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Yarm, Cleveland
Look talking about bikes is nerdy enough ....lets not start on the star wars thing were all adults and i like to think of myself as pretty cool but i know i would descend into squaredom if we all started to bang on about lightsabers and tall black blokes telling us they are our old man.


Smokin Joe said:
Wait till the Trekkies stick their tu'penny worth in, you don't know what a real anorak is till you've met one of those.

Aye, can you imagine being a bit part actor in one of those shows and going to a convention for a bit of holiday money to be confronted by a 'scientific' person with a wee notebook in his hand...

', in Episode 56 you appear to battle with a multi-dimensional being, defeating it with a focussed energy weapon - but that's impossible in modern physics due to the Einstein-Bose proposition which states..'

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