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Hi Guys and Girls,

Just thought I'd start a thread about this subject as I have always held back from doing this mainly due to the expense but also how hard could it be to adjust your own saddle or cleats ??? Lets just say I have learned something new today.

I went along to a Bike Science Center @ Tribeca Sports in Tunbridge Wells for a 2hr 30min session with Adriaan Durran. During the session several adjustments were made to the bike which included a shortened Stem , my cleats were adjusted and almost immediately I was able to notice the difference coupled with the comfort that I was now experiencing on the bike.:wahhey:

During several small cycling sessions on the Turbo Trainer, Adriaan would stop to explain the angles and measurements the system was generating based on my body. With each adjustment you were able to notice the improvements. The before and after screen displays were impressive and knee movement was particularly interesting, a vast improvement was made in terms of my posture on the saddle.

Towards the end of the session the bike is measured with a specialised electronic tool giving precise measurements of all the moving parts, frame, seat, stem, bars etc this is the given to you along with a video of the session and any particular videos and stretching tips that were identified during the anatomy session.

All in all a very interesting session. All I need to do know is to ride my regular routes to see what difference this had made to my road cycling. As stated the improvement on the turbo trainer was impressive so hopefully this is reflected equally on the road. I will post back with my findings.

Has anyone else had this done? I would be interested to hear about your experiences, myths or likewise.

Excuse the 'horrible' picture :wub:

Ride Safe


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what was the cost?


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Wow, that seems a lot, how much is a "normal" proper fit approx?
What were the actual differences jakeaugusta?
Here is a link which will explain it better

The actual differences are difficult to explain, I will post a scan of the before and after figures, but essentially I was out in all the tolerances, even though I was cycling normally every measurement was over and above what it should have been, reach, peddles, hip alignment, knees, everything really. Simply put once one thing is wrong it tends to put more reach / stress on different body parts. Once the adjustments were made and checked I found that the overall comfort of the bike improved and not just marginally.
The main consideration was that I wanted to ensure that with my daily cycling I wasn't putting any undue strain on my knees or other parts due to a poorly set up bike. Off course I set my bike up believing I done a good job, I routinely watch youtube videos for tips and pointers but I got to say this 2hr + session has made a remarkable difference and all for the price of a pair of cycling shoes.
loving the Bike Science 'BS' logo... ;)


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Had a standard bike fit on my old bike and wasn't much different than my guess so no better or worse. Asked about a fit on my present bike and the shop couldn't get the rear wheel to fit the jig. Something to do with some lugs that cube have on the frame. Would have cost £100 if it could be done.
I am not a proper cyclist. I set up saddle height using the heel-on-fulcrum method and saddle fore-aft with a plumbline from my knee.

Bar height is what feels right and stem length is set to hide the front axle when on the hoods.

I sort my children out that way as well. This is because they aren't serious enough about bikes to warrant paying for a bike fit. I wish they were...

A few tips from folk at the club are taken on board and some suggested changes are tried. I've been doing that for years and it's worked for me.

When I think of bike fits (unless there is a joint issue or similar) I keep getting images of naked emperors striding around and having their new robes admired.

There will always be a market for professional bike fitters and that's a jolly good thing.

Similarly, roadgoing Ferrari owners will often feel they're getting the best out of their car by paying extra for carbo-fibre trim in the door panels.

That, too, is a jolly good thing. But not for me.


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What makes this system better than any of the other systems out there, many of which are based upon contradictory interpretations about how the human body functions?


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I was extremely skeptical of bike fits until one was bought as a present too me from one of the kids. Totally converted Adrian Timmis carried out the fit and the difference to comfort and smoothness were amazing.

I am a serious cyclist having raced and been a club member for on and off 40+ years, I have also listened to advice from other cyclist some good and some bad. However none got me as right on the bike as the fit did.

I suppose those who do not think it works seem to be those who have not tried it.
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