Ride London 2015


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I am looking for a way into this year's Ride London event. I would rather not take a standard charity place as I am looking to raise funds for a little girl who has cerebral palsey. I managed to get a place last year and raised £3k, and we have managed to fund a good amount of treatment for her! but the pot is running out, so I am looking to try and repeat the feat this year.

Does anyone know of a spare space that I could have. I would be happy to pay a smaller amount to a charity, say £250, but would want the rest to go my my preferred cause




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You could have a look here, although I think you'll find most charities are seeking a significant amount more to make it worth their while giving the places out


Ballot places are not transferable, only the charity places. Write to the cerebral palsy charities and see if they can help in any way.

E.g http://www.cplondon.org.uk/prudential-ride-london-surrey-100-4-august-2013/

Otherwise, find another ride to get sponsored for?
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