Riding fixed saved my life!

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Well only if the only if the driver behind me stopped laughing long enough to mow me down :biggrin:

Lights turn green, I've got one foot clipped in (left) and the other on the ground. Start off, go to slip my right foot into the pedal and miss - big time. Bike leans over to the left about to deposit me on the ground. Just then the left pedal starts to come up and lifts me upwards and plonks me on the saddle. Bike straightens up and I wobble away from the lights. Gawd know what the driver behind though of my new 'act'.

Is there anything fixed bikes can't do :sad:


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I like your new choice of bike.

I bought my Ridgeback because it was on offer from Evans for ~£200 because it had been smoke damaged due to a fire in their warehouse. I only bought the bike as a hack bike to commute on. This 'hack bike' is now my bike of choice, in so much as I rarely ride anything else.

It took me months to get used to fixed. Even now though I still forget to pedal every now and then and the bike gets to remind me; and irronically when i switch back to gears I try in vain to slow the bike via the pedals

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Well saved sir. I use toe clips and straps on my fixed. A couple of years ago I was pulling away from a set of traffic lights and paying more attention to a car that was crowding me a bit than to what I was doing. I got my foot in the strap OK, but got my toes pointing slightly down on the upstroke and pulled my foot straight out. The resulting wobble and the series of little wobbles that followed as I sorted myself out made the driver decide he wanted to pass me on the opposite side of the road, and made me feel a right tit.
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