Riding in the summer rain

jonny jeez

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Was it only me or did anyone else really enjoy being out in the London Downpour yesterday Morning.

I was soaked to the skin, but not at all cold...actually quite refreshed.

but boy was it slippery after such a dry patch (all the crud on the road being washed up to the surface!)


Not yesterday morning and not in London, But I got soaked the evening before. Yes, it was invigorating


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Opposite for me Ian. It started as soon as I got the bike out. Then it peed it down and it wasn't nice then as I was pretty cold.
The worst part was getting to work and seeing all the sand on my frame :/
jonny jeez

jonny jeez

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ianrauk said:
Yup was quite nice.
Though a little peeved that the only rain yesterday was for duration of my commute. It stopped the instance I walked into the office ffs... lol typical
ditto, perhaps we were both doing some kind of rain dance/ride?

but how heavy was that rain!!!!, it actually hurt my head at one point.


Nah, I loved it really, it made me feel quite invincible when I arrived at the office.


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missed the rain yesterday but got caught in a downpour end of last summer. 1 months rain in 1 eve apparently. Rode most of the way with a crazy Welsh bloke in sandals, shorts and a patterned shirt who was like a pig in ****. Rain's fine, it's when it turns to sleet and you can't see where you are going that it gets annoying.


It started in Ipswich for the last 5 minutes of my ride but it was very welcome ;)


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Got wet and stung and gritty, but yes, loved it really :laugh:

It sure does hurt on a fast descent though. I suppose I could have slowed down.... Hmmm... :wacko:


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I assume it was that heavy stuff that turns the roads into rivers and lakes.....and you ride with a hugh grin saying 'this is bloody brilliant'.....

Just drizzel in Manchester on Tuesday's commute.
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