Riding on a drawing pin


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Weird experience coming home tonight. Suddenly became aware of a 'thup...thup...thup' noise coming from the front wheel. Pulled over to the side and checked, and there in the middle of the tyre is the head of a brass drawing pin. Bugger. Still, the tyre doesn't actually seem to be going down...maybe somehow it hasn't penetrated. I pull it out. PFSHHHHH! Damn. What the hell, I thought, and stuck it back in. The noise stopped. Well, I thought, let's see how far I get. And rode home - a mile and a half or so - with this pin going round and round, 'thup...thup...thup'...
Lesson: Don't pull things out of your tyre away from home if you don't need to! :thumbsup:


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I got half way through reading that and wanted to shout at you "Don't remove the drawing pin" - been there and done that before:biggrin:
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