riding on a flat tyre...rim damage?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by Maz, 19 Oct 2007.

  1. Maz

    Maz Legendary Member

    I set off for work this morning, but didn't know I'd picked up a puncture overnight. I'd ridden about 100m from home before realising I'd got a flat front tyre.
    Does anyone know if riding on a flat tyre for that distance would've damaged the rim? (I have a Spesh Sirrus with Alex rims if that makes any difference...)

    The rim looks OK but I've yet to examine it closely.

    I'd've realised sooner, but I thought the front light was rattling loudly cos the bracket might be loose, not cos the tyre was flat!

  2. If there's no visible damage I would imagine it will be OK. If you weren't aware of the flat straight away, it may have only happened somewhere along the 100m you'd cycled.
  3. Its unlikely that youve toasted the rim unless you hit a sharp edge, the flat tyre and tube will have protected it. The tube has almost certainly reached the end of its service life. The tyre side wall should be inspected closely before being used again.

    With the tyre off and holding the axle ends in each hand spin the wheel slowly. A dent in the rim will be evident as a dip as the wheel turns. Dents cannot be removed.
    Abrasions to the rim edge caused by running on the road surface can be polished out using medium and then fine grade wet and dry paper.
  4. OP

    Maz Legendary Member

    Thanks for the sound advice. I located the cause of the puncture...curly metal shaving thingy stuck in the middle of the tyre, so hopefully rim is OK.
  5. Commuter

    Commuter New Member

    When I get a puncture on my commute if I'm within a few miles of home or work I just cycle on the flat tyre, easier changing the thing in daylight or at home.
    Have yet to damage a rim that has rendered it unserviceable.

  6. thats all fine but it is going to kill you tyre and tube. the best thing to do is get off fix it or walk one day you will find out the hard way...
  7. Gussio

    Gussio New Member

    Earlier in the week I passed a knackered old Corsa being driven at 5mph with a shredded rear tyre. It was making a heck of a racket. Rather than just paying for a new tyre, the guy will certainly be needing a new wheel.

    Can't imagine that 100m on a flat is going to cause you any rim damage if you didn't drop into a pothole or some such.
  8. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Fools the lot of em - flat anywhere from walking distance just fix it, you lazy fool.... cars included.... I had two punctures less than half a mile on the bike from home on two occasions.... on the outward run - fixed and on the road in a few minutes..... completed my training run no problem....

    Had a male colleague that had driven 5 miles to work on high speed roads on a flat - was happy to drive back.............

    I went mad...went out jacked the car up and changed the bloody wheel in less than 5 mins in my suit...his tyre ... was fubar'ed !

    If your tyre is good, change the tube, or fix, don't ride... tyre knackered at minimum.....

    I ride on Pro Race 2's on the road bikes, and you don't abuse them... I also wouldn't abuse the MTB semi-slicks either as this is the machine I ride day in/out in all weathers... FFS 5 mins to change the tube.......
  9. andrew_s

    andrew_s Guru

    I did once ride on a flat front tyre for about 9 miles (run out of tubes due to repeated bead separation on tyre), and a flat back tyre to a mile or so on a different occasion. No rim damage - the tyres were dead anyway.

    Provided you go reasonably straight, the rim is running on the flat tyre and so doesn't get gouged by the road surface. If you've hit a hole hard enough to damage the rim, you'll soon feel it in the form of grabbing brakes.

  10. i take my hat off to you mr A if you are living in your shed with your bikes:wacko:. some mates of mine have them hanging on the wall in the living room in sted of pictures and having them in the bedroom (in a shared house). but living in the shed with them thats a love of bikes ive not seen.
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