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Does anyone have any advice on Ridleys? My wife rode a hired one and now wants to upgrade from her BTwin. It’s the A10 that’s in her sights buy there’s also a LIZ A10 womens version. Anyone one with any advice, thought etc welcome.



Well I am biased:rolleyes:^_^ but I am well pleased with my Ridleys(Helium sl and Icarus) and I'd deffo buy another again.
I'd be tempted in her position to go for the carbon one even with tiagra,my helium rides so much nicer than the ally icarus and the components and/or wheels could be upgraded later,jmho though.
Nice thing about Ridleys is you don't see too many around,think I've only seen three others out and about since getting mine last year

Pic whore excuse:rolleyes:(it will look a bit different soon with a new black stem and some open paves)

Helium 10-12-14.jpg

And the Icarus,now sharing the workhorse/winter bike role with the Planet X xls(and yes I do sort of wish I'd got a Ridley cross bike:whistle:)

Icarus April 2014-6372.jpg


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Having spend most of winter looking for my first road bike. I recently purchased the C30 from a nearby shop.
Comfier than my sirrus on bad roads, Only had it a month or so, can not fault it so far.
Very happy with my fenix C30.
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