Right or left brain test

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I'm right, but I can't get her to turn the other way round, no matter how hard I try! And a lot of the characteristics of the left brainers apply to me more than the right brain stuff...very confusing!


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It was turning clockwise, then when i was reading the functions for the right side, it turned anti-clockwise.

Chris James

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I can't stop her changing direction! I had to ask my wife it is wasn't a trick (she only saw her going clockwise though at the same time as I saw her anticlockwise and clockwise)
depends on whether I scan up from bottom or down from top..from top she goes anti clockwise, from bottom she goes clockwise.


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Clockwise,then when i looked again ,anti clockwise,then back again?


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Anti-clockwise and the lady's not for turning either.:blush:

Watching her I'm incredulous that she can be seen by others going in the opposite direction.
As a brain function researcher I can safely say that this test is bo**ocks!!

There is no such thing as using more of one side of your brain than the other. One of the many misunderstandings about the brain:rolleyes:

Oh and if anyone tells you that you only use 10% of your brain, they are talking codswallop too. They are getting mixed up with the different functions of grey and white matter, where grey matter does the computations and the white matter acts like network cabling (a very big simplification of course!)

So now you know.:blush:
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