Right Tyre for B'Twin Riverside 500m size 28"


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Hello guys,

Someone stole the front wheel of my bike. I ordered a new wheel 700x28 from Decathlon. But was confused about the tyre size. I saw 38- 622 700 x 38C on the rear wheel tyres but not sure since the wheel size is 28".


I order the same size or rear tyres are smaller?

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Bike wheels are relatively standardised, and 28" is what decathlon are calling what everyone else refers to as a 700c wheel, which has an outer dimension of 622mm (blame the French here, they historically measured a wheel size as the outer diameter of the tyre and wheel when fitted).

The numbers on the tyre 38-622 are the important dimensions of the tyre, a 622mm inner diameter and 38mm width when inflated, if you add 2x38 and the 622 together you get close to 700mm, which is close to the original specification, however people kept the wheel diameter the same but started using narrower and narrower tyres yet still called them 700c, it's a total shitshow and unnecessarily confusing.

Modern road and hybrid bikes pretty much all the same wheel size - ETRTO 622mm diameter and within reason you can fit any 622mm or 700c tyre to that rim, the only exception being you shouldn't fit a tyre which has a diameter narrower than the width of the rim itself, so you wouldn't fit a 19mm tyre to a 21mm wide wheel as the tyre wouldn't sit properly and could come off when riding.

In your case, if you get any other 700c tyre in 38mm width you should have no problems at all. If you don't want mismatched tyres then tyres between 32mm and 38mm should work fine,. you might be able to fit a wider tyre, but that will depend on how much space is between the current tyres and the frame of your bike, you'd have to check.


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Getting a 38mm tyre (700c wheel size) is the simplest thing to do :okay: Any bike shop should be able to sell you one


for simplicity and aesthetics order the same tyre that is on the rear - it should state what brand / type it is and you've already said its 38-622/ 700x38c


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Indeed, but common. 2nd lock for front wheel and ensure rear wheel is well secured with a quality D lock :okay:
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