RIP Doris Day


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Sad to report that Doris Day has died at the age of 97.

She had a lovely voice.

Sad news. Just rang my mother to tell her. "Que sera sera", she said.

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My wife was on the ferry to Arran a few years ago when it got delayed due to weather and so had the chance to speak to the older lady sitting nearby. She had a great story to tell. She had been an actress in the 1920s in Germany but, being Jewish, she had to leave the country in the 30s and emigrated to America before gravitating to Hollywood. Once there, she couldn't get any acting work but got a job doing make-up for the screen - which she was very good at and so she became Doris Day's preferred make up lady. Apparently Doris's hair was very, very fine and she wore what today would be called "weaves" incorporating real hair and (would you believe it) straw. She also had very bad skin (from the harsh make up chemicals of the time) and quite scarred arms from childhood chicken pox or measles or somesuch. A 3 hr delay passed very quickly as she recounted her stories to my wife.


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There's a great Radio play relating to a story (supposedly true) of a conversation between Doris and Elizabeth Taylor relating to Rock Hudson's death. Liz Taylor knew all about Hudson's hidden activities and was half expecting his death while Doris Day refused to believe anything like that could possibly relate to this all-round good guy.
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