RIP Ranking Roger (The Beat)



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Jesus fark that is sad news. From what I understand a genuine nice guy. I talked to him briefly after a gig in Necastle in the 70s and he was a lot cooler than me. The world is a little sadder tonight, and me quite a lot.


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Very sad given his age and love people had for him. I saw him a few times down the years and feel saddened by his untimely passing.

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Every time I heard the name Roger I put a 'Rankin' in front of it. Like the time I went for an interview and the bloke doing the interview said "Hello,my names Roger",which made me chuckle to myself.:giggle: He picked up on it and asked what I found funny. When I told him he didn't seem too pleased. Needless to say i didn't get the job.:smile: I saw The Beat along with The Specials and Madness at 'The Golden Palms nightclub in Blackburn in 1980. It makes you wonder about your own time left when those of a similar age start to die off.


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What a shame. In the early 80's The Beat were, along with UB40, among my very favourite groups. Going so see "UB40" this week (or at least half of them, as they won't all perform together any more). The Beat will never again be able to. Such a pity.
The (English) Beat - as they were called where I lived at the time - were one of the most fun and energetic bands I had the pleasure of seeing live in a small dance club. Wonderful memories.

Sad day for music. Thank you Roger.

And thanks @Fnaar for bringing this to my attention.


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Saw The Beat live twice in 2017 when they were promoting the Bounce album and co-headlining with The Selecter. Ranking Roger had so much energy and put on a great show alongside his son (Ranking Junior). Wasn't aware of his health issues so this came as a complete surprise this morning.

R.I.P. Ranking.
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