RIP Sir Frank Williams


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Sorry to hear this. One of the F1 greats that I remember with fondness from when I watched the sport.

A true inspiration in terms of what you can do despite a serious disability too.


I watched the documentary about him recently. Like most successful people he had some questionable traits but definitely much to be admired as well.


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I was working near Wantage and stumbled on the Williams facility at Grove. I was staggered at its size and realised that F1 must be awash with cash. Here's a clip of the Williams place. An incredible achievement from a remarkable man. RIP.



I rode past it once on a route from Winchester to Oxford a couple of years ago. Like you say, very impressive. Maclaren’s gaff in Woking is pretty fancy as well.

Im only a casual F1 watcher but do like my sports photography and often check in on the Grauniad‘s picture desk. Here’s their tribute to Frank Williams for those interested.


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The radio was saying he’s possibly the oldest tetraplegic in the world.
Amazing when you consider the riggers of the F1 circuit and the travelling requirements.
He could afford the best care but still very impressive.
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