RLJ, why do I bother...

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Stopped at a junction yesterday. Red light. Waited. Bloke cycles past me, looks carefully, keeps going.

Lights change, within 50 yards I'm past him. Overtake another two cyclists, then next set of lights (dagnammit, nearly got them at green, oh well...).

Wait... Wait... One of the ladies I'd past caught up, waited next to me in the box. Second lady catches up, waits behind us in the box. Bloke catches up, ambles past, keeps going. Both ladies tut at him.

Went past very soon, told him "Red light, white line, applies to you like it applies to the rest of us". Got a venomous face and "No it doesn't". "Yes, it really does" I replied and contined on my way. I think he gave chase shouting, but that was a fairly futile thing to do, he wasn't really up for a chase.

I rarely talk to RLJ's, I think they're rather beneath me. But sometimes, sometimes I get sucked in and I give them a telling. Sometimes it helps (we get a lot of foreign kids here in Cambridge who genuinely don't know), other times they get shirty.
He'll have raised his blood pressure a little bit for the rest of the day. Thinking about that usually provides me some solace. :biggrin:


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Paulus said:
I think you are trying to wind people up.:biggrin: Unless of course you were that man?

What? Never!!!! I have tried to wind Cab up on multiple occasions anyway and it is virtually impossible. The man is unflappable, made of pure granite.


their decision, I don't think the self righteous approach is helpful or welcome, live and let live


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i pointed out to serial rlj chap that he was risking serious injury.

he threatened to kill me.

i wrote him down in my little black book under the heading "unpleasant south africans i have met".


I would quite willingly 'live and let live' if only the numpties in cars would stop banging on about 'you lot jump red lights and ride on the pavement etc'.

As long as it poisons the attitude of others towards me, who doesn't jump reds, I feel I have the right to say 'stop making trouble for me'

By all means make trouble for yourself. Ask Foska to make you a special 'I jump red lights and I don't care' jersey - I'll even pay half towards it for you. All I want to do is ride my bike in peace and RLJers jeopardise that peace.

Finally, before we all slide down the slippery slope of 'cars do it as well' can we just take stock of the fact there are more of them than us and we always come off worst in any incident.


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There are bad drivers/riders in all forms of transport.The white van man,who speeds cuts up and passes too close,then the car driver similar,then the bus driver,again similar,and the cyclist too,and no doubt some of all these jump red lights too.It all comes down to safety, for yourself and others.How many of us have pushed a possible dangerous position,because we feel/know we have right of way?A few ill bet.but after spending a lot of time on the road,i have become a defensive(if thats the right term)driver,i would rather give way to other vehicles than push a position,just because i felt i had the right.After all,what are wesaving,?a few seconds?is it really worth it?


drivers moaning about bikes jumping red lights is meaningless, it matter nothing to them at all, it's just something vaguely valid for them to moan about

if it wasn't that it'd be something else, road tax, licence, something else stupid

some cyclists jump reds because it's perfectly safe most of the time, some don;t because they respect the rules of the road above their convenience

lecturing red jumpers is a waste of breathe and just irritates them and yourself

leave them to it and let it go

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Tynan said:
leave them to it and let it go

I agree with your post but then if a RLJ got it wrong in front of me i would feel obliged to offer first aid whilst most car drivers would not bother stopping or those that did stop would be winging about his actions. I am happy to offer first aid to anyone but prefer to offer it to someone in an accident apposed to someone that deliberately put themselves in a situation.

RLJing is a sign of argent's and self importance and i dont care who i upset by saying it.
If I may....
Tynan said:
some cyclists drivers jump reds speed because it's perfectly safe most of the time, some don;t because they respect the rules of the road above their convenience

lecturing red jumpers speeding motorists is a waste of breathe and just irritates them and yourself

leave them to it and let it go

No. Not good enough. I rarely bother shouting at RLJs because I can't afford the inevitable bill for throat sweets. But every idiot on two wheels who thinks they needn't bother with trivialities like red lights makes life more awkward for those of us who do bother. Condoning it or making facile excuses doesn't help.
is this RLJ thing a London problem?

I sometimes go through a red if visibilty is good and its clear, theres some roundabouts near me with 16 lights on them:angry:, when clear I will ignore the lights and go through no problems.

Could be driving in Eire for too long, whre lights are seen as advisory:biggrin::biggrin:
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