Last night on my way home I was doing about 28 mph on a downhill section of road which comes to a railway bridge which only has room for a single car to squeeze through, so there is lights controlling the flow of traffic. Anyhoo, I hear a car engine gunning behind me and was expecting the stupid overtaking move (it's a very narrow street). The car must have been doing 35mph at least. As it passes I have a look and it's a car fully of spotty kids. I laughed at the guy in tha back who was looking straight at me as I knew the lights at the railway bridge would be red. I thought to myself "I'm going to have a word with him" (just to put the sh*tters up them). So we come around the smallish bend and indeed the lights were red. What did he do? ploughed straight through without even slowing down, missing the car that was just about to enter the tunnel by inches, so nearly a head on collision.

Over the last few months I have noticed more and more extremely dangerous driving. I think it's time to buy a helmet camera. Last nights episode would have definitely been dropped off at the cop shop.
Blimey! I wouldn't want to live in London....:becool:

Seriously though, this suggests that it could have been a stolen car. did you get the registration?


Hehe, sounds like they jumped the red to spare their embarassed red faces.

28mph...how easy/difficult is that albeit on a downhill? What bike you got, man? Never had a computer on my bike but I do sometimes wonder how fast I'm going on downhills when I'm flat out.
Maz, in the part of my commute I go through the Clyde tunnel (

View: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zPJv1mahqmY
) which is reasonably steep. By the bottom I can easily hit 30mph. I could go faster, but any faster would be dangerous in my opinion.

My bike is not light or designed for speed (Upgraded Ridgeback Cyclone, 26" wheels with 1.75 marathon plus tyres and lots of other added weight).

So you might be surprised what speed you can get up to.


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I find on my bike (a hybrid with 35x700c tyres) it's pretty easy to get to 28mph on any reasonable hill (one that would take effort to go up). On the flat though it's really hard going to get anything much above 24mph.


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On my commute, the 'drag' that I have to go up to get home, is the same stretch I go down in the morning, it's easy to run out of gears on my MTB - 46 x 13 top and easily doing over 30 - no cars pass me and there is a traffic camera on it - so 30's easy and it's not a steep hill.


drops will be the difference I suspect

on my hybrid I top in the low 30s


Gotta get me some drops, man. I'm sure I'm reasonably fast on my Sirrus Elite with 23mm tyres, though.


Top of Westbury White Horse back into town. I can do 45+ on an MTB style bike coming back down from there and that's without pedalling (bent my derailleur!).


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simonali said:
Top of Westbury White Horse back into town. I can do 45+ on an MTB style bike coming back down from there and that's without pedalling (bent my derailleur!).



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Get yourself a computer even I can manage 26 mph going downhill - (but only 5 mph going the opposite way:blush:), and I could probably go faster but there is a mental barrier that means I hit the brakes.
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