Road bike suggestions for me?


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I've been offered an iphone 6 for my birthday.

But I thought maybe a bike is a better idea.

I don't really have a budget because I'm not paying. But maybe the iphone 6 is the benchmark in terms of price (~£500)?

So with that in mind, any suggestions for me?

* 6' 0"
* 14 st 10 lb/94kg
* normal bike is Kona Ute (big, long and heavy)
* age 32
* style???? But I suppose 'relaxed'?


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If you could stretch it to £600 or add a £100 yourself, this is pretty amazing value.


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Btwin on spec v good
Giant Defy also a good buy for last year's model
Cannondale synapse if can push the budget a little


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Well we have a result on the Alur

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your fast reply!

I will make sure you get the bike in time for you birthday ;-)

Have a great day! "


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Looks like you've already ordered the Alur - I was just going to second @Mo1959 's recommendation.

However, be aware that you'll not be able to make phone calls from this or connect to the internet - but you will connect to the inner you.:rolleyes:


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Your first road bike and it's got 105? Lucky... I'm still running Claris.
Nowt wrong with claris, i have it on the commuter and it shifts perfectly , self built bike from frame and forks.Certainly as precise as my other with sram apex which is normally thought of as between tiagra and 105 for comparison.


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So uh I think I need some shoes. Are there any cheapo ones?


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Cambridge, UK
I got mtb shoes for my road bike because I can walk in them.

Turns out my dislike of Claris is not completely well-founded. During a recent trip to the LBS, I was informed that my front derailleur was bent, which explains why I had such a hard time indexing it.

It's much better now.

I still don't like how much Claris shifters rattle, but I can ignore that. The shifting is fine.
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