Road cycling gearing for the Alp D'uez?

What gearing do I require to climb the Alp D'uez

  • Tips for cycling the Alp D'uez

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  • Correct gearing fir climbing and descending Alp D'uez

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It depends on the engine,


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I'm not sure how to vote your poll does not match your original title.

Do you want gearing advice or do you want technique tips?

If it's gearing then the answer is as broad as it is long. It depends on your fitness and bodyweight.

If it's technique then what ever suits your style i.e. high cadence vs low cadence.


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If you need to ask then the answers are ...

For big climbs - the lowest gears possible. (34/32 or even lower.)

For big descents - it doesn't matter because you will spend most of your time freewheeling or braking!
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