Road rage from the rider of a pony and trap!


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You were too kind; I'd have given the fat horse shagger some abuse, it would have been a fun thing to do.


What a load of pony and trap.
I was about to comment that this is the first time in a long time I've heard "pony and trap" used to mean pony and trap!

Regardless of right or wrong, horses are unpredictable and I would give way.
My thoughts too - "The Bluffer's Guide to Motoring" which I read in preparation for my driving test had this to say (roughly verbatim) "Horses are 3/4 of a ton of meat on the move, with a brain the size of a walnut. In an argument between a car and a horse, the horse always wins. Treat with extreme caution."


I was about to comment that this is the first time in a long time I've heard "pony and trap" used to mean pony and trap!
Reminds me of a nice pub just outside St Helens, called the "Bottle and Glass" - probably a reference to the local glass makers (Pilkingtons), but if such a pub was down here near London, it might mean something quite different.


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Sulky racing, popular in parts. And they don't hang around, or care about other road users.



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Surprised the pony and trap was able to keep up with you i would have done the same as yourself speed up and try to get away form danger, only other thing i would have done would be to pull of the road if i could not out pace him and just let him go to hell or where ever else.

As for reporting it? There was an incident a few weeks ago where a car driver came up behind me and another cyclist refused to pass us and kept his hand on the horn dropping back coming up close and back on the horn, anyway the other cyclist had cctv and recorded it, after the police viewed the cctv footage they informed us that it was aggressive driving but not dangerous and no action would be taken?

Only my view but when on a bike a cyclist is very vulnerable and its always best to be proactive in avoiding danger.


With idiots like this the best thing to do is either give as good as you get but with a little more vigour or let the f*ckwit go about his business and inform the Police(not that they'll do anything but it might build a picture over a length of time)....the latter is the least stressful route.
As for the horse racing morons....reg plates and pay them all a visit with a fine. Simples, hit them where it hurts.


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As regards the speed, I have my suspicions my cycle computer over reads but I was still going damned fast by most cycling standards.

It was a gig rather than trap (I don't know anything about these things) and I suspect a member of the travelling community judging by his accent. They do race these things on public roads, perhaps he was in training for something and I got in his way. They are also usually above the law and can do as they please.

These horsey types like to go on about how much they love their animals. I could hear his whip repeatedly. I would call him cruel rather than an animal lover myself.

It is probably the most intimated I have ever felt in my adult life. If he'd been driving a car and passed a bit close it would have been over in a split second and he'd have gone up the road somewhere else and it wouldn't have stuck in my mind in the same way.
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