Road Rash - A Guide

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Found this post on BikeHacks, hopefully it won't be of use to anyone :thumbsdown:

Road Rash Crash Course

Think you know what to do after a crash? Take this quiz to find out. Even the best of us takes a digger every 4,500 miles, according to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. Do you know exactly what to do when a big section of your skin ends up on the road instead of on your body? You might think so--but if you don't know all the answers to our handy quiz, you may be risking infection, extended healing time, unsightly scars and endless repetitions of your stupid crash story to curious questioners.


my fairly spectacular forearm rash for my last smash got a cheerful male nurse scrubbing it clean

that hurt but it was for the best, you're not a man if you can't hack it but someone else doing it is best

it healed lovely, dressing changed once I think
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