Roll on 9pm


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Elmer Fudd said:
9pm Have i got news for you, beeb 1
9.30 Armstrong & Miller, beeb 1
10pm QI, beeb 2
10.35 Johnathan Ross, beeb 1

Will be watching the latter, but Channel 4 until then for me ;)

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Kirton, Devon.
Armstrong & Miller...the song at the end...first time I've laughed so much that I've had tears in my eyes for a long long time. Gawd bless 'em!


Armstrong and Miller were good. I have just discovered Spartacus is on ITV3 ;)

Cue: "I'm Spartacus", etc, etc
Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd

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Friday night is beeb night here (and I just spotted Spartacus on ITV3 !).
Epecially when Ms. F is on a late cover shift.
Me, TV, Twiglets, Tabs, Whole Settee, Remote Control, Beer.
Male Nirvarna !!! ;)


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Colne, Lancs
Jonathan Ross is much better when he's interviewing someone who isn't famous. The James Corden/Ruth Jones interview tonight was his best in a while - the Girls Aloud one was terrible (although it did mean that I could gaze at the Irish one and the one next to her).

Armstrong Miller was hit and miss, although the teenspeak RAF pilots gag is excellent.
The other two are like the packhorses of comedy - they never fail to disappoint really.
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