Roll on Easter.


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North Wales
I have not ridden for a month now due to poor weather and commitments. Can't wait for the Easter break to come and have 2 weeks off. If the weather improves, I intend to ride most days. I just wonder how much fitness I have lost by now? It should come back quickly though.


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I'm looking forward to lighter evenings. I don't feel like going out when it's dark unless I have somewhere to be.


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Easter must be nearly here got our eggs the other day £1.50 each bargin

They are on sale now as its nearly Easter, they have been up for grabs since Boxing day.......:rofl:


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Reverse psychology, no one would really believe they had old stock when they are that close....Think about in we didn't have em that early up North...:whistle:
This years eggs were finished last July. Its selection boxes they're doing now.

Check the dates on the "value" one's!
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