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Time to refelt my dad's, s pitched roof garage. In the past it has always been nailed down. I don't have a torch so will have to mechanically fix. The garage is basic and detached. It does not contain valuable or delicate items.

II watched a good video kn YouTube by Fixmyroof (excellent channel by the way).

He recommended quality felts based on thickness, which seems to relate to 3.5k, 4k and 4.5k. These are reinforced with polyester or similar.

1). I presume there is no problem mechanically fixing torch on felt?

2). Anybody recommend a really good thick and strong felt? I am lensing towards Iko Super Shed felt but would consider anything that is very good quality.



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I used the same felt on my shed. I am useless at diy but it went on brilliantly, I fixed it with felt tacks


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Hire a torch for around £40 for a weekend. On decent WBP ply it sticks like the proverbial to a blanket. Seems an expense to use and not torch it down
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