1. All uphill

    WITHDRAWN. Felt F75 with 105. 54cm.

    I bought this bike a year ago and haven't used it because of ill health and my preference for slow rides on my tourers. Felt F75, alloy frame and carbon fork. Looks and rides like it's had little use. 105 2 x 10 speed gears. FSA 50/34 crankset and 11/28 cassette. Prologo saddle. BB30 bottom...
  2. Scaleyback

    SOLD Felt Z5 Carbon Road Bike Medium (Upgraded)

    The bike is now Sold: This is a medium, 54cm I think is the size. I am a little under 5' 9" these days (I'm shrinking) I'm thinking this should suit 5' 8" - 5' 10" ? For the last few years this has been used almost exclusively on my Tacx Neo Smart Trainer. (now Sold) see my For Sale post. I'm...
  3. insouciant

    58cm Felt F5/DT Swiss R32 wheelset £750

    Felt F5 carbon frame and forks 2014 model Most components 2-3 years old and in great condition Ultegra shifter/brake levers Ultegra brake calipers 105 front and rear derailleurs 105 chainset 50/34, minimal wear 105 cassette 11 speed, brand new, no wear Supra SSL carbon handlebars 44cm Aerus...
  4. Velochris

    Roof felt

    Time to refelt my dad's, s pitched roof garage. In the past it has always been nailed down. I don't have a torch so will have to mechanically fix. The garage is basic and detached. It does not contain valuable or delicate items. II watched a good video kn YouTube by Fixmyroof (excellent...
  5. Rebuild1961

    Felt Jasmine Beach Cruiser

    Scored this at Goodwill for 10.00. They thought it was a repainted older bike. Had to buy it, I prefer the 70's 10 speeds, I will probably trade it off.
  6. Velochris

    Shed felt, sealing to brick.

    The pictures show how my garage has a wood shed extension. I moved in 18 months ago and the shed part has not leaked. However, it is not in the best condition and is best replaced. I am going to use good quality thick felt (about £40 a roll). My question is how to seal the felt to the brick...
  7. G

    Felt F95 hanger

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement hanger for my Felt F95? It looks like it is a Wiggle bike (I bought it off ebay in November), not sure which year. Unfortunately I bought a hanger online from a site have entered F95 and ended up with one that has the hole for the small bolt in...
  8. Smuggs

    Felt F85 headset bearings

    Hi, can anyone help with the correct headset bearings (top and bottom) for a Felt F85 road bike. thanks Smuggs.
  9. T

    2020 Felt FR 30 advice

    Hello have any one owned this bike before and have experience with FELT. the price is very appealing compare to cannondale or Trek but maybe for a reason. https://www.bicyclesmcw.com/en/product/2020-felt-fr-30 Also I have couple of options like the CAAD 13, Treck SL5 and Treck ALR5 that are...
  10. DSK

    Felt AR - owners/reviews?

    Whilst flicking through the classifieds for a potential addition to the fleet, I saw a couple of FELT AR1, AR2 and AR4 aero bikes with a relatively good spec. I don't know anything much or, of any use about the FELT brand and neither could I find the usual bike reviews on the above models...
  11. Drago

    Show us your Felt

    Long overdue thread this. Every right thinking person knows there are Felt bikes, and then there is everything else. So it's time to make the unlucky non-owners sick with envy, and show them your Felt. Here's my baby, my F85. The sweetest ride, the most perfect fit I've ever encountered.
  12. tom73

    Felt Cyclocross Bike

    Anyone have any experience of Felt bike's can't find many reviews about them. Seen a FX65 for £500 Can post full spec if anyone want's to know the full story.
  13. Kernow_T

    **SOLD**'Just add wheels' Felt F6 Carbon Road Bike Shimano 5800 11sp

    https://www.7hundred.co.uk/12455/products/2013-felt-f6-carbon-acid-green.aspx https://www.7hundred.co.uk/12455/products/2013-felt-f6-carbon-acid-green.aspx Size 54 - see above link for full geo This frameset (although a 2013 model) was purchased new in 2015 and has covered less than 1000...
  14. Banjo

    Felt accessories Shop.

    The Felt online shop has been down for months with a note saying due to moving premises will be offline and back ASAP . Anyone any idea when or if it will return? I was looking for some Felt mudguards for my VR50 but were almost out of mudguard season now so Im not in a rush. The fixing bolt...
  15. L

    Aluminium for £1300 (Felt, Giant, Cube, Canyon or Scott)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new road bike that will get me around 50-100 mile sportives, the Derbyshire hills and leisurely 2-3 hour Sunday rides. I've set my budget to around £1300 and the only "given" selection is 105 groupset and disc brakes. I have a shortlist (2017 models) of: Felt VR30 @...
  16. philinmerthyr

    Thinking of buying a Felt VR30

    I'm looking for a road bike able to so a similar job to my Roubaix. It's done nearly 5 years, 10,000 miles and as I'm over 20 stone it's earned a rest. :bicycle: I'd like something with low gearing to help be ride the Welsh valleys and Brecon Beacons. The VR30 looks a great bike. I can't find...
  17. stalagmike

    What model Felt is this?

    Any ideas?
  18. addman100

    Sold Felt Z75 frameset with 105 group and TRP Spyre brakes

    Felt z75 disc alloy frame set 56cm Includes, 105 11 speed rear mech, front mech and shifters. Shimano 5800 compact chainset with bottom bracket TRP Spyre brakes Felt carbon forks Felt carbon seat post Felt alloy bars and stem, complete with bar tape. The frame has been used for one...
  19. postman

    Ever felt stupid.

    Just looking at another post,brought back a memory of me making a fool of myself. I was going for an endoscopy,i had never had anything like that before.So i am the last patient,i can see the staff are in a hurry to finish.Out comes a Doctor with a small torch.He asks me to open my mouth,shines...
  20. T

    Felt V55 or Eastway Zener D2

    Hi all, Looking at getting an upgrade to my Cannondale Synapse Adventure Disc as some nut crashed in to me and the insurance are being very generous with the replacement. I'm looking at something around £1k and these two suit my needs. The tarmac quality in and around Manchester is complete...
  21. HarryTheDog

    **SOLD**Felt TK2 track/fixed bike for sale 52cm.

    I am putting my Felt TK2 2010 fixed gear Track bike up for sale as it has not been used for the last 3 years. Size small 52cm top tube, 52cm seat tube It is original spec apart from the Chainring is now a Miche Advanced 49T ring. I still have the original 48T chainring and it will be included...
  22. U

    Felt roofing maintenance

  23. T

    Felt Z75 Disc - any opinions?

    Anyone got much experience of Felt? I'm looking for my first road bike. Would like Shimano 105s, disc brakes, decent weight. Max £900. And came across the Felt z75 Disc but i cant find many reviews online. Any thoughts? Down from £1100 to £770 http://www.wiggle.co.uk/felt-z75-disc-2016/
  24. Cp40Carl

    Felt QX60 hybrid - swap or sell

    Decided I want a road bike (again!) so my Felt QX60 hybrid is up for sale (£125) or swap. All new cable, pedals, brake pads, handlebar ends and will throw in clip pedals as well. Few small marks on frame but otherwise in great working order. Spare inner tube. 55cm frame. I understand the...
  25. DCLane

    eBay: Felt Q200 MTB - medium - Dewsbury

    On eBay: my Felt Q200 mountain bike, start price £40. It's well used but works fine.
  26. jaybeex2

    Felt Fork bearings

    Hi all, ive just bought a Felt FC frame set from eBay and maybe be concerned over nothing here but.... Does the lower fork bearing run on the fork taper or should there be a metal ring placed on there first? Kind regards John
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